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Athento vs. Alfresco

Alfresco is a tool designed by developers for developers.
Athento is a low-code solution, designed for business-savvy users without taking away IT power and flexibility for the development of complex customizations. We show you why Athento is one of the alternatives to Alfresco to consider.


Alfresco as a vendor only offers the PaaS mode and compatibility with Amazon Web Services™ (AWS). Athento offers a SaaS model in which the IT team is relieved of any software-related maintenance. Athento offers also other models such as PaaS or On-premises that allow developers to build highly customizable platforms.

Cloud 90%
Cloud 50%


85% of Athento's functionality is configurable from the product interface. Business users can customize the application to cover their business processes. Alfresco is very flexible but needs experts as customization requires modification of multiple layers and knowledge of various technologies. Complex learning curve.

Customization 95%
Customization 70%

Development speed

The need for programming to customize Alfresco slows down and makes project implementation more costly. In Athento most customizations are done on a configuration basis and in real time. Customizing Alfresco requires expert java developers working full time on the project.

Start-up 95%
Start-up 70%


Alfresco has historically been committed to leading the BPM discourse with a strong open source workflow engine called Activiti. Alfresco relies on Activiti to support BPMN.
Athento has a proprietary workflow engine that allows for the implementation of processes of varying complexity graphically and in real time without the need for code.

BPM 75%
BPM 90%


Athento covers the entire lifecycle of documents and digital content, offering capture functionality, DAM, records management and more. This functionality does not require additional modules or products to be purchased. With Alfresco some functionality such as document capture must be obtained through integration with other products. Forget Ephesoft.

Completeness 90%
Completeness 60%
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Athento is one of the alternatives to Alfresco, but the two tools can also work together. Here are some ideas on how.

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If you have already decided to change your ECM tool and are looking for alternatives to Alfresco, remember that in Athento we have experience with migrations from this platform and we can help you.

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