sequential review

Work faster and better with your queues: review documents sequentially

If you have to constantly review documents in queues, you will love this feature!

Now you can review documents sequentially, moving through the documents in the queue one after the other.

To activate this feature, please refer to our documentation.

And to work even faster, don’t forget that from any place in the document view, with the Ctrl-E keys, you can open the lifecycle window.

template editor

Custom design for public pages now available!!!!

Now you can control the complete design and layout of your public forms.

Public forms are one of Athento’s most popular features. They allow users without access to the platform to upload data and/or documents. These simple web pages are ideal for working with customers, suppliers, and other users because of their ease of use and simplicity. They can also be linked from our website or corporate portal.

In this release, the product introduces an improvement that allows you to customize the look&feel and content of these pages to adjust them to your corporate branding. The template can be modified from a graphic editor in Athento itself.