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Improved field categories

This release brings important improvements to the behavior of the field categories in forms.
The categories can be expanded and collapsed. When collapsed, categories now show the number of fields it contains.
In addition, categories can be open or collapsed by default.

Feature: Whatsapp integration

Introducing the Athento and Whatsapp integration, which will allow you to use the messaging service to receive documents directly in your files and much more. Create conversation flows with your users and improve the customer experience with omnichannel communication.

sequential review

Work faster and better with your queues: review documents sequentially

If you have to constantly review documents in queues, you will love this feature!

Now you can review documents sequentially, moving through the documents in the queue one after the other.

To activate this feature, please refer to our documentation.

And to work even faster, don’t forget that from any place in the document view, with the Ctrl-E keys, you can open the lifecycle window.