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Wow! Automation rules for form fields


We keep working to make Athento smarter and so, your daily life easier. We have developed a new feature that will allow you to perform magic with your form fields. And the best part, you don’t have to know how to code! Just define simple rules and actions to be executed if conditions are fulfilled or not. For example, you will be able to hide or show fields depending on the values they take. In the video, we show you how.

Of course, this is just the beginning, new actions and options will come soon to make automation rules for form fields more powerful. See our documentation.

Updates included until Oct 8th, 2021. Sprint from Sept 30th to Sept 24th, 2021.


  • Unrevised translations to Portuguese, Swedish, and Catalan are available on the platform. 🇵🇹🇸🇪
  • The first release of the new development documentation +Info
  • New API documentation is available from Postman.
  • You can now create shortcuts to the form “Documents” tab of a form, from the navigation bar. +Info
  • Now the submission of a public form shows a confirmation page. This page can be customized with corporate branding. +Info
  • New repository management. 💾. Add new repositories on the fly and assign repositories to specific spaces.
  • When a team template is used and a form is set to “Is global team”, the form is not copied, but reused. +Info
  • Now from the user’s menu, you can easily see which group and which users are team administrators. +Info
  • Athento now allows previewing .msg files (Outlook emails) +info
  • New command to delete files massively by using a CSV file. The CSV file must have a column including the UUID of the documents to delete. It doesn’t require a heading. python remove_files_by_csv --file <ruta_del_fichero>.


  • Improvements in the import of spaces: It is now possible to import TransitionNotifications and NotificationTemplate.+Info
  • From the team, in the notifications tab, a button has been added to import a notification template from a remote instance. +Info
  • Folders and documents in the navigation view are now listed alphabetically.+Info
  • Performance improvements in the “Documents” tab of the form.
  • ID number is now optional when importing users via CSV. +Info
  • Improved usability in the field configuration. If the user does not have permission to modify them, the configuration parameters are shown as plain text or disabled.
  • Athento now allows defining a default form for templates from which attachments can be generated. +Info
  • It is now possible to preview HTML from the link generated from an email document approval request. +Info
  • It is now possible to import spaces via CSV and create forms for the spaces. +Info
  • It is possible to disable user messages from automation tasks execution. (verbose=false).
  • SSL certificate has been updated for customers with subdomains *
  • Improvements in QR code extraction.
  • Backup process improvements for customers using Azure Blob Storage.
  • Automation task execution has been disabled from public forms. 
  • Improved sharing of an API user’s password with a one-time link.
  • Old search can be disabled now from the configuration.
  • OTP passwords are only number codes. 📱
  • Improvements on Oauth2 integration.
  • Improvements on the Sphereon integrations, adding geolocalization.
  • Queues cache memory improvements. 
  • The tag {% public_document_attach_files %} in public link templates is deprecated. Its usage is not longer needed and it must be eliminated from the custom templates. 👁 +Info
  • Custom HTML pages can be published. +Info
  • Now is possible to link several documents at the same time as related documents . +Info
  • DEPRECATED: Color, Image and Zonal Text field types. 👁
  • Now is possible to select and delete several spaces at the same time. +Info
  • Improvements related to consistency in the user interface have been made. These improvements are related to the position and text of some buttons.
  • The button to change the lifecycle state has been repositioned to reduce scrolling in those processes with large lifecycles. The button is now disabled if there are no transitions to perform.
  • Quick load boxes can be rearranged now. +Info
  • It is now possible to select a form when loading documents from the navigation +Info


  • Fixed bug associated with the automatic creation of queues from the lifecycle state dialog box.
  • Fixed bug in the preview of text files.
  • Fixed bug affecting related documents query from search.
  • Fixed bug related to Latin characters in internal field names.
  • Fixed bug that caused extraction templates to be displayed as forms from quick load panels.
  • Fix bug related to cache.
  • Fixed bug that caused keyboard shortcuts and notifications tabs to be always selected.
  • Fixed defect in advanced search by numeric type values.
  • Fixed bug that affected the Manual Assignment of a document from a transition.
  • Fixed cloning of forms.
  • Fix in the creation of documents from the direct link of creation by form.
  • Correction in op_sendby_email when the value of a user type field already contains the email in the username.
  • Correction in the extraction of image sections.
  • Exclusion of deleted terms from dictionaries in some listings.
  • Correction in the list of notification templates of a team.
  • Correction of offset in Athento.DocumentResultSet.
  • Other minor fixes
  • Controlled errors in user import caused by BOM characters.
  • Fix in advanced search when searching by User type fields.
  • Fixed error in “Allow new choice” of Choice type fields.
  • Controlled that users without administration permissions on a space cannot change its label.