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Automating supplier invoice management with Athento in insurance companies

La Caja de Ahorro y Seguro, the first insurance company in Argentina, along with Social Path, explains a use case for insurers in which they demonstrate how it is possible to automate the management of supplier invoices, thereby enhancing the quality of internal customer service. Learn automating supplier invoice management to improve work efficiency and enhance the experience for both suppliers and internal users.
Automatizar la gestión de facturas de proveedores / Automating supplier invoice management
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Almudena Delgado

Efficient document management has become a crucial challenge in the insurance sector. Handling large volumes of information, from policies to customer claims, involves tackling obstacles such as data complexity, the need for secure and accessible storage, and the rapid evolution of regulatory requirements. Additionally, there is the added difficulty of managing documentation from an extensive network of external providers, increasing the pressure on insurers to find agile and effective solutions that allow for document administration and processing while maintaining high standards of security and service quality.

At #Acelera2023, we had the opportunity to firsthand learn how La Caja de Ahorro y Seguro has successfully automated the management of supplier invoices by implementing a self-service portal for suppliers and improving the quality of service to internal users.

La Caja de Ahorro y Seguro is one of the largest and most prestigious insurance groups in Argentina, part of the Generali Group. With over 1,800 employees and 68 branches nationwide, this insurance company embarked on an ambitious digital renewal and transformation project over five years ago. This initiative has allowed them to currently manage supplier invoices through 100% digital, transparent, agile, and user-friendly processes for both their suppliers and back-office users.

Numerous challenges to shift the paradigm in supplier invoice management

For over 5 years, La Caja de Ahorro y Seguro has digitized various business processes with Athento, including legal proceedings and mediations, claims, front desk operations, receipt management, compensations, card payments, and more.

Motivated to continue advancing in the renewal and digitalization of all internal processes, they migrated their ERP system from a highly customized system to the SAP platform. This, in turn, posed the significant challenge of reviewing all internal processes related to enterprise resource planning, including the reception and management of supplier invoices.

In addition to eliminating the high maintenance cost of the previous ERP system by adopting a more agile solution, La Caja aimed to change the paradigm to offer user-friendly solutions to both suppliers and back-office users.

“Now we have a process where information enters through a single point, much more dynamic and traceable, allowing us to track a registration, which means that on the same day, we could potentially register a supplier.”

Taking their vision for a new experience for suppliers and operational partners a step further, La Caja aimed to modify the business process to achieve supplier self-management. They wanted their suppliers to have complete access to information about the status of their invoices.

An additional challenge for this insurer was the need for a tool to ensure traceability of the documentation and management processes. As part of the Generali Group, they have to respond to multiple audits and required complete traceability from the issuance of the purchase order to the receipt and payment of the invoice.

A self-service portal for suppliers and improvement in the quality of service for internal users

Athento’s ability to integrate with SAP was the starting point that allowed La Caja de Ahorro y Seguro to automate the management of supplier invoices.

In collaboration with SocialPath, Athento’s partner in Argentina, a system for requesting documents from external users was implemented in the first phase. Through a public link, suppliers could upload their invoices directly to Athento. This solution allowed La Caja to simplify the receipt of invoices, centralize their management in a single process, incorporate metadata and information into the management, and have a traceable process for the subsequent handling of invoices.

In the second phase, a supplier portal was implemented, enabling the centralization and real-time tracking of invoices. Athento’s flexibility to model and digitize processes, coupled with its integration with SAP, enables the insurer’s suppliers not only to submit their invoices and track their status but also to update the validity of their own documentation and access relevant documents such as payment receipts or withholdings.

“Technically, it was very straightforward. We were asked for an additional workflow, and in less than a week, we had everything modeled, with all approval strategies. A level of responsiveness that would be impossible or very costly with other types of tools.”

Currently, La Caja uses Athento as a framework to centralize the capture and management of its documentation, relying on the platform’s lifecycle capabilities to create simple processes for requesting, approving, and sharing documentation internally and with its suppliers. This has allowed them to enhance the experience for internal and external clients, work with traceable and auditable processes, and improve workflow times and service quality for both suppliers and internal users.

“Athento’s great potential lies in user experience; there is no technological barrier for our users. It offers flexibility, usability, and the ability to integrate easily. It is an extremely straightforward tool to integrate and accelerate and change processes, always within the same standards we maintain for traceability.”

If you want to know all the details about how to automate the management of supplier invoices with Athento, don’t miss the following video in which the La Caja de Ahorro y Seguro team and colleagues from Social Path explain the challenges they faced, how their management process is now, the benefits they have achieved, and a live demonstration.