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Automatically and massively generate documents with Athento

Discover how to generate in-house documents with agile and efficient processes using Athento. Achieve exceptional customer communication while maintaining control and traceability! #Automation #DocumentGeneration 🚀
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In an increasingly dynamic and demanding business environment, generate documents for clients in a massive and automated manner is becoming a critical necessity for many organizations. From quarterly reports to personalized welcome letters, the ability to send and generate documents efficiently and accurately is essential for maintaining effective customer communication and ensuring satisfaction. However, this process faces various challenges that can hinder its effective execution.

In sectors such as banking and insurance, where generating letters and communications is crucial to the customer experience, companies encounter the challenge of automating this process internally. Maintaining control over the content of communications, reducing costs associated with outsourcing the service, and ensuring traceability of communications in the customer file are just some of the challenges to overcome.

Additionally, for multinational companies, to generate documents in different languages and with various configurations presents an additional challenge.

Business users need speed and flexibility in adapting or updating communication content, as well as consistent communication across multiple channels such as postal mail, email, WhatsApp, SMS, and chatbots.

Document generation can be carried out individually, as part of a specific case, or massively, as in the case of debt collection letters or quarterly reports. It is crucial that these communications are linked to the customer file to ensure traceability and legal compliance.

Given these challenges, organizations have two alternatives: outsourcing the service or acquiring an in-house tool to generate documents. Outsourcing can be costly and limits the organization’s control and flexibility, while acquiring an in-house tool may face integration challenges with existing systems.

Generate documents automatically and massively with Athento

In this context, Athento is a comprehensive solution for automating the generation of documents. Athento’s intelligent digital content management platform enables organizations to optimize the generation and delivery of communications and documents, offering a flexible solution adaptable to each company’s needs.

Athento covers the entire lifecycle of digital content, from capture to digital archiving, providing a wide range of functionalities that allow business users to configure processes quickly and easily. The document management software automates the generation of documents for both individual cases and in bulk, ensuring consistency and quality in every communication.

In the Use Case: Automating Document Generation, we address the challenges organizations face, how Athento’s solution works in practice for automating the generation of documents, and the key benefits of using Athento for document generation.

Download the free e-Book on Automating Document Generation with Athento to learn:

  • How to generate documents internally without adding complexity to the company’s technological ecosystem.
  • How to maintain full control over templates by implementing approval workflows.
  • How to generate letters and communications on a massive scale.
  • How to create a seamless omnichannel customer experience.
  • How to streamline data, information, and document flow through system integration.

Athento facilitates automated document generation, enhancing customer communication and ensuring traceability and legal compliance. Download the Use Case: Automating Document Generation with Athento now.