Smart digital content platform

Smart Digital Content Platform

The New QR Code Generator Feature is Now Available

The new QR code generator feature allows you to work with physical and digital documentation at the same time, as it is now possible to generate a QR code to link each physical document with its digital image.

New Document Lifecycle Management

The best way to reach a milestone is to work through the process step-by-step so that you can successfully reach the goals you set starting from the beginning. At Athento, we are very aware of this. To help you complete steps easily and in order, and so you can keep on top of everything, we have implemented […]

We have Improved the Management of User Permissions

At Athento, we are always pursuing the objective of simplifying and streamlining document management so that your experience is easy and entirely practical. For this reason, we have improved user permission management, adding new functions. Now you can define groups and assign them permissions on documents in a series. In addition, you now have the possibility of being even more self-sufficient, […]

Now It’s Possible to Send Multiple Documents as Email Attachments

Now it’s possible to select multiple documents to send to external users via email. This function requires that the series has the possibility of sending emails activated. Only users with administrator permission can activate this option in the series. To send multiple documents by email, follow the steps below. Go to the list of documents. Select the […]

It is Now Possible to Comment on Documents

As part of the continuous improvement of our Document Management Solution, Athento has incorporated a new function that will be very useful to users. Now you can add comments directly on work documents. This new feature allows users to leave comments on any type of document, which will be useful in situations such as, for example, explaining the […]

Now it is possible to hide or display panels in document view

Athento displays a variety of information in document view. Some of these data might be more useful to you than others. If you prefer not to display some of the information panels that appear to the right of the document, you can now activate or deactivate them from document type administration. Go to the document […]