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Life After Working with the Same Application for More than 15 Years


Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Why is it that when a user has been working with an application for a year, she can do the work on autopilot, but if a user has been working with the same software for 15 years, she can’t picture life after that application? The user already has her vices: she can work with […]

Adding Autoincrement Fields to Forms is Now Much Easier

Autoincrement Fields

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn At Athento, we are continuing to innovate so that using our document management software is easier and more accessible and so we can offer you an efficient, productive experience. With this new update, you can now create, add, and manage autoincrement fields in forms without having […]

Semantics Changes the Way Data and Content Can Be Used

Semantics is not just a branch of linguistics; it goes much further than that. It can offer us a set of resources that facilitate data management, helping us in the search for and understanding of the relationships that exist amongst data.

The Role of Automation in the New ECM

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn One of the legacies of the old Enterprise Content Management Software is believing that the value of these applications lies in providing a repository to store digital documents and metadata—freeing us from paper—that allows us to retrieve and catalogue this content. This is not to say that this is not good or important, just […]