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Wow! Automation rules for form fields

automation rules for form fields

Define automation rules for form fields to dynamically perform actions if a condition is met. Hide or show fields or make a field mandatory on the go.

More powerful and secure public forms

Powerful public forms

Create beautiful and safe customer portals with our public forms. Now Athento allows publishing the form of an existing document so that an external user can edit it. This is useful when we want external users to update their information.

Athento’s integration for Outlook

The Athento & Outlook Integration is now available. It makes possible to upload documents directly from Outlook, without having to download them to your local computer.

Request documents from customers with a custom branding client portal

client portal sample

Now you can build with Athento a customized document request page or client portal that fits your brand image.

From now on, Athento supports a customizable HTML and CSS styles layer that will give you full control over the elements on the screen. This new feature also supports responsive styles and Javascript.

Work faster and better with your queues: review documents sequentially

sequential review

If you have to constantly review documents in queues, you will love this feature!

Now you can review documents sequentially, moving through the documents in the queue one after the other.

To activate this feature, please refer to our documentation.

And to work even faster, don’t forget that from any place in the document view, with the Ctrl-E keys, you can open the lifecycle window.

Generate Word and Excel documents from templates with Athento

documents from templates

This release has many improvements and very useful functionality for document generation processes.

It is now possible to generate Word and Excel documents from templates!

You can use your field values to automatically fill out Word or Excel templates. You only need to insert data tags directly into your Word or Excel file.