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Smart Digital Content Platform

Athento’s integration for Outlook


We are super excited to announce that Athento’s integration for Outlook (Beta Version) is now available. It makes possible to upload documents directly from Outlook, without having to download them to your local computer. We hope you enjoy it a lot and upload tons of documents to Athento 😉

But as you will discover, this is not the only exciting news. This release is loaded with new features that will make your life easier 🙂 Stay tuned! 🙂


  • t is now possible to edit the fields of a related document, from the preview carousel, without having to leave the main document! +More info
  • You can preview .heic images.
  • Reuse your lifecycles with the new lifecycle marketplace. Work less!! +More info
  • It is now possible to work with parallel lifecycles in Athento. You will be able to search for their states and access their information in the document history. +More info
  • Disable the title field in the document creation dialog box. This is especially useful for documents where the title is autogenerated. +More info
  • Create folder structures automatically. +More info
  • Now it is possible to select the language from the user profile.
  • Preview your documents in a more comfortable way with Athento’s new feature that allows you to expand the preview of documents or the form.


  • Now you can check the documentation about the integration with Viafirma Documents from the configuration of the app in the team +More info
  • Now it is possible to add personal ID numbers to users through the bulk users import. +More info
  • User help is included in the dialog box that allows the selection of a template to generate a document. In addition, the button to generate the document is disabled in case there is no template selected. +More info
  • The recommended size of the logo has been added as additional information in the team setup.
  • The spaces to which a form belongs are shown horizontally again to make better use of the screen.
  • The “Do not show on the dashboard” option now allows to unpublish a queue previously published on the dashboard + More info
  • It is now possible to activate from the product UI the inheritance of fields between a document and its related documents. + More info
  • The advanced search allows the use of operators to filter by numerical values + More info
  • The integration with Viafirma Inbox now allows indicating what kind of signature stamp you want to use.
  • Boolean fields can be locked now by means of the Lock metadata automation task. +More info
  • Now the subtypes of fields are shown in the form fields tab. +More info
  • Now the import status in the bulk upload shows the log in descending order. +More info
  • You can now see in the document history when a related document is added or deleted.
  • The form notifications tab is moved to the team administration.



  • We had fixed an aesthetic defect in the creation of the status, which showed the SLA field shorter than the rest of the form fields.
  • Fixed error that did not allow to see the names of the document view panels in the form configuration.
  • Error message shown when activating the sequential review has been corrected. +More info
  • Fixed orphaned binary storage bug.
  • Fixed rate limit problem in password change.
  • Fixed Javascript error in queue edit dialog box.
  • Fixed problem with reload_metadata_panel() method.
  • Fixed errors in column sorting in THE form Documents tab.