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Athento renews its commitment to the Django Software Foundation

Athento renews its commitment to the Django Software Foundation, remaining as a Silver donor for another year.

Athento reaffirms its steadfast commitment as a Silver Donor to the Django Software Foundation. By supporting Django, Athento and all the foundation’s donors play a crucial role in fostering the framework’s development, promoting its widespread adoption, and safeguarding its intellectual property and long-term sustainability.

Athento is built on this open-source framework, written in Python. Our company has been actively collaborating with the Django Software Foundation for several years, witnessing the remarkable growth of the project over the past decade.

Beyond the previously mentioned objectives, the Django Foundation allocates its funds to support various programs, including the Django Fellowship Program. Among its impactful initiatives is the Django Girls workshops, empowering women through free programming education. By actively engaging in such activities, the foundation contributes to reducing global gender inequality. A total of 23183 women have already benefited from the events organized by the program.

Compromiso con Django

Being a donor to the foundation is another sign of Athento’s commitment to the global developer community and our firm belief that open software benefits society as a whole, democratizing access to technologies and promoting transparency.

We wholeheartedly renew our commitment to the DSF as a heartfelt tribute to the unwavering dedication of the vibrant community of developers who have fuelled this remarkable project, nearing its two-decade milestone. With boundless gratitude, we aspire for many more companies to unite in this noble endeavor, igniting a future where Django flourishes and evolves beyond imagination.
Jose Luis de La Rosa CEO Athento
José Luis de La Rosa
CEO- Athento