Smart digital content platform

Smart Digital Content Platform

Athento on-premise Plans & Pricing

Enjoy all of Athento's power in your own servers


The perfect plan to start with
  • 50 users
  • No cluster
  • < 300K documents
  • 2 Teams
  • 1K API req/month
  • 239€ extra user/year


To optimize up to 2 processes
  • 100 users
  • No cluster
  • <1M documents
  • 4 Teams
  • 20K API req/month
  • 200€ extra user/year


For critical business processes
  • 250 users
  • Up to 2 nodes
  • <5M documents
  • 10 Teams
  • 100K API req/month
  • 160€ extra user/year


Corporate needs
  • 1000 users
  • Up to 4 nodes
  • >5M documents
  • 30 Teams
  • 700K API req/month
  • 75€ extra user/year
  • Enterprise support


For business that don't rest
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  • Licenses for 1 year within the plan limits.
  • L2 and L3 support service for 1 year
  • Product updates
  • The functionality of the product will be limited.
  • You won’t be able to use the support service.
  • Athento won’t be updated.

This is the maximum number of servers on which Athento can be installed. Clients with large volumes of users, documents, or API consumption may require an infrastructure that makes use of several servers.

Teams offer the possibility of isolating different business processes, companies, etc. You can upgrade additional teams according to your needs.

If you need to integrate Athento with third-party applications, these applications can use our REST API. For example, an external application can create documents in Athento through a web service. Every request or API call to create a document (or any other operation) is counted.
You can upgrade the number of API calls according to your needs.

The prices on this page do not include VAT. Taxes might apply depending on the location of your company. If it is an EU country (not including Spain) you will not be charged VAT.

For a proper and quick installation of the software, the access granted to Athento’s personnel must comply with the following requirements:

  1. Direct HTTP/S access or via VPN
  2. Direct SSH access or via VPN
  3. VPN with client compatible with all OS and browsers (for reference, Cisco AnyConnect or similar)
  4. VPN with Ubuntu compatible client
  5. Machines with OS according to our requirements.
  6. No installations or support will be performed over TeamViewer or Remote Desktop environments.
  7. Real-time installations will not be performed with customer or partner personnel. This type of installation includes scheduling, connections, etc., which will affect the installation time. 


Additional Costs
Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in additional
costs for professional services.