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Full Stack Engineer

Software Bachelor’s
Check the information for the Full-Stack Software Engineer position at Athento

Details of the job


  • Analysis and design of solutions, features, and software products.
  • Development and maintenance of solutions, features, and software products.
  • Development of unit tests to ensure product quality.
  • Generation of technical and user documentation.
  • Creation of components, templates, and other elements to standardize and streamline product development.
  • Research on product usage to improve usability and user experience.
  • Design and development of web user interfaces.
  • Code refactoring.
  • Product performance improvements.

Soft Skills

  • Passion for engineering and technologies.
  • Ability to learn autonomously.
  • Ability to self-manage.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Product and usability-oriented work.

Qualifications and requirements

Experience & Qualifications

  • At least 5 years of demonstrable experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, a related technical field, or equivalent practical experience.

Knowdlege & Skills

  • Git version control using Bitbucket and GitHub as repository.
  • Scrum and other agile methodologies.
  • Continuous integration.
  • Be able to read and understand texts in English.
  • Object-oriented programming.
  • PEP 8


Django 3.1 95%
Python 3.7 90%
Git 95%
PostgreSQL 80%
HTML5 99%
React 85%
CSS3 / Bootstrap 99%
Javascript 85%

So what's the plan?

Join us
Take our courses, join the Scrum daily sessions.
Start with small tasks
Start developing small features, changes in the code and other small task so you get started and gain knowledge on our product.
Create new things (and also break some)
By now we expect you to feel comfortable developing new features, knowing the structure of the project and fully integrated into the sprint rhythm. But above all, we expect you to start proposing crazy ideas to make our users thrilled 🙂
Day 0
Day 15th
Day 60th
What will you 
if you join us?
Work from home

Work remotely, from home or from an island in the Caribbean.

Time for yourself

Take your birthday off every year, Christmas Eve and New Years Eve also and 22 holiday days per year.

Change offices

You can work from Colombia or from Spain. Every 3 years you can change offices for a while.

Restaurant vouchers

As part of your salary you can choose to receive restaurant checks for food.

Kindegarden vouchers

As part of your salary you can choose to receive kindergarten voucher for your children.

Private health insurance

As part of your salary you can choose to receive a private health insurance.


Ask for books related to your profession. Athento covers the expenses.


Macbooks (or other kind of laptops), screens, keyboards and everything you need to do your job properly.

Suggest new tools

We subscribe and pay for tools you suggest that can improve team productivity.

Paid courses

Up tp 300€/year to take courses related to you job. Keep learning and maintain yourself up to date.


You do well, we praise you: Ryainair vouchers, Amazon vouchers and other incentives.

And more!

Mentoring, trainning, congress, a cool team and culture, stocks and more!

Magic Fridays!

If you have been on the team longer than 5 years, you get a Friday off per every year of work.

English/Spanish lessons

Learn a new language with a native teacher. Twice per week. It's on us!

good to be true...

If you don’t believe what you see on this page, listen to our colleagues and external auditors. 

92% of the Athento team believes our company is a Great Place To Work. 89 Trust Index.

Ready to join us?

Join our team and grow your professional career with us. We are looking forward to many adventures together. Send us an email and attach your resume. We will contact you back.

You don't meet all the requirements?

Send us your CV, and explain to us why we should count on you.

Let us judge for ourselves

Apply today and allow us to see if there is a fit for you on our team.
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Thinking about relocating?

Come, work with us and live in paradise. We help you 🙂

Move to Malaga (Spain) and enjoy life

Nice weather the whole year, welcoming culture, nice food, international airport and the sea 🙂
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