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Athento becomes a Silver Donor to Django Software Foundation

Athento increases its level of support to the Django Software Foundation, becoming a Silver donor. The collaboration of all donors allows to maintain the project and supports its evolution.

Athento becomes a Silver Donor to the Django Software Foundation, helping to directly support Django developers.

The donation contributes unrestricted funds that are used to support DSF’s priorities, which include, but are not limited to: the program Django Fellowship, the sponsorship of Django Girls workshops and the contribution to Django conferences.

Athento is built on this open source framework, written in Python. Our company has been collaborating with the foundation for several years and has seen the project grow over the last decade.

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Athento’s way of sponsoring Django’s continued development is to become a corporate silver partner, reaching $5,000 in annual donations.

Donors like Athento contribute to the Django Fellowship program, which funds part of the Django community’s activities. In turn, this program has a huge positive impact on how the software is developed and maintained. In addition to the incredible framework it maintains, the foundation contributes to society with initiatives such as the Django Girls workshops, where women learn to program for free. 

Athento has always supported and promoted free software. For projects like Django to continue to exist and grow, active collaboration from society and the private sector is needed. It is very gratifying to see projects like Django, with more than 17 years in the market and with an exciting future.
Jose Luis de La Rosa CEO Athento
José Luis de La Rosa
CEO- Athento