Autoincrement Fields

Adding Autoincrement Fields to Forms is Now Much Easier

At Athento, we are continuing to innovate so that using our document management software is easier and more accessible and so we can offer you an efficient, productive experience.

With this new update, you can now create, add, and manage autoincrement fields in forms without having to ask for help to do so. Now you don’t have to write code or set IT configurations or do any other additional processes apart from the usual options.

Autoincrement fields in forms consist of a number that increases consecutively every time you create a document or form associated with said field. This new feature is especially useful for recording incoming or outgoing information, files, or procedures.

How do you add autoincrement fields in forms?

Adding autoincrement fields in forms is very easy: first, go to the configuration for the document type you want to add the field to. Go to “Fields” and then click “Add new field”.

Autoincrement Fields

Next, you can give the field a name in “Name”. Below that, you will find “Field type”, where you must select the “Autoincrement” option to create an auto-increment or consecutive field. Lastly, click “Save”.

Autoincrement Fields

When you have successfully created the field, you will have features available in the field configuration such as adding a prefix to the field, which will appear before the consecutive numbering that will be generated. You can also select the restart the field at 0 option so that the numbering resets when a new document is created.

Autoincrement Fields

What notable changes are included?

API service is amongst the most notable new characteristics for autoincrement fields in our smart document management software. This allows you to know the different validators within a document.

We have also included new updates.You now have the possibility of deleting lifecycle transitions and stages. In addition, we have improved the Spanish translations for lifecycles.

And to make the system more agile, we have made corrections to queue visualisation in the event there are empty fields.

You can now access Athento’s the new features, which offer comprehensive, easy-to-use management of auto-increment fields.