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3 Ways to Improve User Experience in Document Review with Athento

Athento is constantly evolving, enhancing the user experience for those working with our content management platform every day.
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Lorena Ramos

Enhancing the user experience for individuals working with Athento is one of the primary objectives of the Athento Product team. For some of our clients, the day-to-day tasks of their employees are carried out on our platform. Understanding that we have users spending anywhere from 4 to 7 hours working on our user interface is a significant responsibility for us.

Therefore, we are always seeking ways to provide a tool that is increasingly agile and effective, streamlining the tasks of those who utilize it.

One of the screens where our users spend a substantial amount of time is the document view, as it allows them to review the document’s content as well as the values of its fields. After analyzing product usage, we have gradually introduced improvements that can assist users in working more comfortably on this screen.

Expanding the field panel or the document preview

For some users, the document’s content holds more importance than the fields. Others may need to spend more time reviewing or completing field values. It’s crucial that in either case, the part of the screen the user is focusing on holds greater significance and can be made larger.

This is why we’ve implemented the split feature, which allows users to expand the area of the screen that matters most to them. Users can adjust the position of the split on-demand. This information is saved in the user’s preferences, so they don’t have to readjust the split every time they work with Athento.

This functionality offers users a more comprehensive and customizable view of the pertinent information associated with documents. Simultaneously, it allows us to balance personalization with simplicity and usability, ensuring users can access the needed information without complications.

Experiencia del usuario / user experience

Viewing related documents as thumbnails

The ‘Related Documents‘ feature provides access to documents that are somehow linked or associated with the current document.

Users can access this functionality below the fields section. When there are numerous fields, scrolling down can become significantly lengthy.

Experiencia del usuario / user experience

In the case of folder-type forms that have field values but no main document, they often have related documents.

Since these folder-type documents lack a main file, the screen area typically used for previewing could be better utilized.

Both in the case of extensive forms and folder-type forms, there’s an option to activate a configuration to display related documents as thumbnails on the left side of the document view.

This functionality can prove to be practical and highly useful because, on one hand, it saves the user from scrolling down the screen, and on the other hand, the thumbnail aids users in locating the desired document more quickly.

As you can see, this functionality has the potential to enhance the user experience by offering a swift and accessible overview of documents associated or connected in some way to the main document. You can follow the instructions from this link to enable the display of related documents as thumbnails.

Enable the Navigator Panel

Often, we encounter situations where our clients implement really lengthy forms. Even with the use of categories and field display rules, the form can still appear extensive to the end user.

As mentioned in the previous point, below the field panel, there are other frequently used elements of the application, such as Related Documents, the audit trail for approval emails, OCR, or other panels that can be active or inactive depending on the form’s configuration.

Consequently, when dealing with lengthy forms, users need to scroll extensively to access these other functionalities.

To address this issue, we have introduced the Navigator Panel, which is a kind of sticky menu (remains fixed even while scrolling) and, upon clicking its options, takes you to the specific section of the screen you want to visit. In other words, the navigator panel does the scrolling for you.

Experiencia del usuario / user experience

You already know that Athento is constantly evolving, and we prioritize user experience while always being attentive to improvement suggestions from those who work with our content management platform every day. If you have a suggestion, don’t hesitate to share it with us!