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Generating Documents from Templates is Now Much Easier

Generating Documents from Templates is Now Much Easier

As we are always striving to offer the best in document management, we’ve added new features for creating documents from templates in Athento. Now it’s much simpler and you can do it all directly from the product interface! The new features include template editing in a very intuitive, visual way, amongst other novelties. Also, the changes you make in this mode are made effective in real time. What’s more, with this update, you have the option of using JasperReports templates for projects that require highly complex designs and precision when printing. Generate documents from a template in Athento If you want to create documents that have similar information but with some data that is different, you can create two types of templates: HTML Templates or JasperReports Templates. Both are managed from the Template tab in the document type configuration panel. To learn more about how to configure each of the available templates, follow this link. When generating a document from an already-created template, select Generate Document from the Document menu in document view. The requested document will then appear in PDF format. New features included in this update With this update, we’ve included many new characteristics, such as the possibility of defining retention policies on the document type screen by completing a form. In addition, you have a new js library available for automating form behaviour. We’ve also renewed the API documentation page so that you can integrate your documents in less time and with a more dynamic interface. To take full advantage of the metadata marketplace, you can use them directly without having to copy them, applying them in bulk to various documents. And if you have a configuration established in the Athento app and want...