Smart digital content platform

Smart Digital Content Platform

Leading companies trust Athento to streamline their business processes


Automate your processes

Start requests/cases through personalized forms, visually create workflows and get traceability of each request and the documents or content that supports them.

Solve cases swiftly and without bottlenecks

Solve cases swiftly and without bottlenecks

Distribute tasks among team members, follow up, and keep the cases up to date. Make sure you get everything you need to solve open requests in time.

Get and share information effectively

Get and share information effectively

Go paperless, embrace remote work, and get the peace of mind of knowing that clients and collaborators communicate with you through different channels.

Get your time back

Request documents from clients effortlessly, automate document creation, classify them automatically, get smart suggestions, or run self-executed tasks.

Work has changed. Time for your company to also do it.

Athento will help you face the digital transformation of your company without the hassle of complex development projects and avoiding digital obsolescence.
No need for programmers to automate your business.

Why Athento and not other tool?


Self service and freedom

You don’t need us to make the setup or incorporate new business processes. The philosophy behind the product is DIY and code-free.
All in one

All in one

Athento covers the complete cycle of digital content: generation, capture, distribution, approval, signing, storage, retention, publication and more.

Automation and intelligence

Athento takes care of the manual and repetitive tasks for you. Add rules and actions out of the box or create your own automation rules.

Athento evolves with you

Enjoy new features and stay relevant to your customers. Start small and keep adding business processes that require digital transformation.
Millon documents

600 million documents are managed online with Athento by companies in more than 15 countries.

Customer satisfaction rate
We score 9.5 out of 10 in customer satisfaction in 2020
Process improvement
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85% of our clients state that they have experienced an improvement in their processes with Athento
Can't live without product
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15% of our clients consider our software essential for their daily operations
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More than 15 years of experience in the ECM Market. Our commitment to software quality is for life.

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