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Gestión Documental para Aseguradoras

Toda la información de sus clientes en un único punto, en digital y automatizada. Ya sea como como repositorio centralizado o para la implementación de procesos como la emisión de pólizas o la gestión de siniestros, Athento le dará flexibilidad y agilidad como backup de sus procesos de negocio más importantes

Complete view of the Customer

  • Providing one user interface for document management within – no need to switch and log-on to electronic archive

  • Support for any type of content & media: e-mails, documents, chats, voice and video recordings, push-notifications, social, geographical data etc.

  • All communication between the Customer and the Company is presented within Customer Overview screen – 360⁰ view

  • Improving staff efficiency and reducing the number of human errors on day-to-day activities

  • Improving customer satisfaction, as staff has one single view of all communication related to the customer

Claim management

  • Claim documents & Communication are presented in the context of Claim event and Claim case

  • Claim workers are notified about new documents & notes throughs alert system

  • Add new documents directly from – all new content immediately becomes accessible to others

  • Ability to view multiple documents, add annotations on photos, download documents, attach them to e-mails – all can be done without leaving 

  • Providing BPM capability, which allows automating, orchestrating and controlling business processes

What our clients have to say about us:

“Reliability is a core value of the company.

We follow the highest service standards and ensure

that each customer receives full and reliable service.

We guarantee individual advice and offer professional

solutions to each customer. The claim management system

which has been implemented in cooperation with

Affecto helps us maintain quality standards.”

Pavel Jaževič, PZU Lietuva Member of the Board

                                                   Our Experience

Throughout 17 years of experience, we have built customer trust, by delivering benefits to their daily business:

  • For the enterprise-wide document management

  • Single point of access to customer files, holding complete communication history

  • More control over business processes and related documents

  • Possibility to handle volumes of documents

  • Efficient document handling – compliance, retention, archiving and access control

  • Out of the box integration with MS Office & Email

  • Ability to create and send documents via email directly from DMS

Expertise in ECM field has helped us to gain excellent project references from Insurance-related business cases, such as:

  • Claim documents handling (including photos, emails, letters, invoices and maps) – streamlined workflow processes for document-based business activities

  • Document routing and related claims workflow within the insurance company to speed up claim management and reduce manual-work

  • Regulatory compliance versioning

  • Retention control, flexible for each country’s legislation, allowing to add storing and deletion rules for different types of documents

  • Outsourced incoming document handling to input documents into the system from all sources – paper, email, fax, mobile-upload etc.

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