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Discover Athento and the reasons why you should make it your document management system

Why choose Athento

Athento is the most advanced Enterprise Content Management solution on the market in terms of efficiency, security, mobility and intelligence.

With Athento, your organization saves time by integrating the latest technology for managing documents automatically, so that the Athento system bears the brunt of performing monotonous and repetitive tasks such as labeling, sorting or assigning documents to people and processes (workflows). Discover how the BBVA Bank has successfully used Athento for its document management and saved a great deal of money in the process

See what Athento can do for you

Athento is smart

  • Automatically extracts the content of any document (be it something as complex as a contract, or as simple as an invoice) and deduces labels and keywords to categorize the document (even if the keywords are not included in the text of the document). (See Document Capture)
  • Rapid, efficient and straightforward document capture.
  • Classifies documents in the correct folder without human intervention, as it can assign the document to pre-established categories (such as contracts, invoices, budgets, records, shipments, and payroll) and subtypes (type of contract, type of records etc.).(See Document Capture)
  • It uses semantic technology, natural language processing (NLP) and image processing to carry out reasoning and interpretation of the information contained in documents. The system uses these experience to create a self-learning framework.

Athento is efficient

  • You can process groups of more than 100,000 documents per day using several scanners simultaneously, then process them in the same way as a human would.
  • Reduced data extraction time in a document goes from eight minutes to five seconds.
  • By automating classification and document recognition, data extraction and improving search times, Athento can save your business up to 98% of cost.
  • Need to show your colleagues - in numbers - how efficient information management isn't just economical, it's also necessary? Download a free whitepaper that contains a case study on the CRISA (Aeronatutical Industry) successful project. Download the PDF here.
  • You can also download this PDF of case study on how the ICOGAM -Professional Association of Managing Agents of Madrid- successfully saved nearly 3€ million per year on document management. Download the PDF here.
  • Spain's General Traffic Directorate has chosen Athento and Nuxeo to improve its document management, saving an estimated 1€ million per year on a project that came in at under 750,000€. Download the PDF here.

Athento is safe

  • Athento uses encryption based on SSL / TLS to create an encrypted channel (whose encryption level depends on the server and the browser used by the customer) that is more suitable for sensitive data traffic than the HTTP protocol. This helps prevent hackers from accessing or using documents such as contracts, technical documentation or invoices that could be intercepted through the data transfer connection: all data is an encrypted stream that is impossible to decipher.
  • Allows access through Single Sign On, which enables the user to access multiple systems after identifying himself or herself once, thereby reducing the constant need for always using different passwords in the company.
  • Integrates digital signatures by using the most widely-used certificates and by incorporating signatures into processes/workflows, such as reviewing and signing contracts by various parties.
    This notably reduces costs related to printing, shipping and storing signed documents and the cost of looking after records or signed documents.
  • Cloud Computing. Athento can be deployed in different "clouds" such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, allowing SMEs to have world-class security in pay-per-use mode which; in turn, is increased incrementally and in proportion to the use of the system (number of users, number of documents). Athento, therefore, incorporates the latest technology for document security. It has also been deployed in various maximum security environments such as banks (BBVA, BNP Paribas, Cajasur, Cajasol etc.) as well as in various government agencies (General Traffic Directorate, Army, Directorate General of Police).

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Athento is Modular

  • Component model based on OSGi. The goal of Athento with OSGi is to define open software specifications to enable designing compatible platforms that provide multiple services.
  • Layered architecture. Decoupling layers and services, allows varied deployment scenarios with Athento, as well as being extensible to be easily adapted to different specific use cases.
  • Open standards for easy integration: CMIS, Java EE 5, Web Beans, XML, LDAP, Dublin Core, Web Services (REST, SOAP). In particular note CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Standard), which is to be in the document and content management what SQL is for databases: a standard that allows separating logical control layer (metadata, workflows) of Athento performs data from the content repository. In this way, and through CMIS, Athento can provide intelligence on ECM applications that also implement the CMIS standard such as Microsoft Sharepoint, Alfresco, Nuxeo, OpenText, IBM FileNet, EMC Documentum, Oracle UCM. Thanks to Athento Manager, Athento can also apply its intelligence on File Sharing Systems as Box.


  • ECM Mobile, the application to access your ECM, is available on the Apple App Store (iPhone and iPad) and Android Marketplace.
  • ECM Mobile provides access to Athento, Sharepoint, Alfresco, Nuxeo, OpenText, IBM FileNet, EMC Documentum, Oracle UCM, and any other tool that implements the CMIS standard.
  • Your documents with you 365 days a year. Find out more information and even a video on ECM Mobile here.

You can also choose to implant Athento on your premises and customize it without limits, or choose an bundled option and as a Service (SaaS) mode, ideal for those who do not need to complicate themselves and want to save the maintenance of an IT infrastructure.

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