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Athento ECM: Power in Document Management for Business

Athento ECM
  • Storage: Storage and immediate recovery of your documents. Athento adheres to standards such as the Dublin Core, and other standards, such as the Spanish Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos (Data Protection Act), ISO 27.001, ISO 30.300 and MoReq2. It can be integrated with the best-known document management systems.
  • Document management: Version control, document history, check-in and check-out, user management, metadata management, searches and document recovery, creation of different types of content, etc.
  • Semantic labeling of documents: By using semantic rules, Athento identifies relevant words within document content and automatically turns them into tags, so that users can get to their content faster by using a tag cloud.
  • Work Flows: Athento allows you to automate approval or revision procedures for documents. These work flows can be configured from the platform’s own interface.
  • Digital signatures: Athento allows for the use of various techniques for digital signatures (biometric devices, servers with digital signatures, platforms that ask for signatures, signature clients, etc.)
  • Publishing: With Athento, you can publish documents to other business tools such as intranets or extranets, as well as generate web content (on a blog, website or internet forum).
  • Mobile document management: Athento possesses various mobile clients (native and web-based) that allow users to access documents from their mobile devices.
  • OCR: The OCR motor in Athento converts the content of images into text that can be read by computers. The aim of including an OCR motor is to make it easier to search for and recuperate documents stored in the system.
  • Mailroom for ECM: Permits the capture of documents from e-mail accounts.

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