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Smart Document Capture for SharePoint

Take your SharePoint to the next level with the intelligence of Athento.

Makes it possible to integrate capturing features to your SharePoint. Paper documents and electronic documents can be captured, processed and exported to SharePoint. Intelligent document capture with Athento allows for document recognition, document indexing and data extraction.

Capture features for your SharePoint

Using a CMIS connection, it is possible to apply Athento’s intelligent capture to documents that will be stored and used in SharePoint.
Athento supports high-volume scanning and capturing, and on-line digitization.

¿What can Athento do for my Sharepoint?

Document recognition and classifying

Thanks to Athento’s document recognition features, it is possible to trigger into SharePoint or to automatically store documents in some specific location.

Data extraction

Companies can customize their metadata extraction features in Athento. Once the data have been extracted, document metadata can be used in SharePoint.

Content indexing

Athento makes searches on SharePoint easier and faster by indexing document content with its technologies.

Electronic documents capture

Exercise more control over your e-mails and faxes by converting them into SharePoint documents.


Athento is certified
with CMMI


Athento is supported by

ISO 27001

Used data centers are certified
with iso 27001

Cloud Security Alliance

Athento is certified
with CSA


Level 1 certified


SOC 1 type II and
SOC 2 type II certified

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